Trying to decide where to go for breakfast/lunch/dinner? Maybe your stomach is a'rumblin' and you just want a little scooby snack to hold you over. Well, look no further! Here are a list of places I think you should definitely try. Most are in and around Edinburgh, but some are a bit farther afield. If you happen to find yourself in one of these places, go. You can thank me later.


Well, let's just say this is the best flippin' steak I've had in a very, very long time. The best service I've had in Edinburgh...ever. Great presentation, wonderful atmosphere, and super chic. The HH and I had a fantastic meal, which I thought was extremely well priced for the quality offered. It's a must!!

The Kings Wark
Best Sunday Brunch in the world! Although, be warned that breakfast is all they serve on a Sunday...but it's worth it. Get the Spinach and Bacon Crepe with a poached egg and hollandaise. Top it off with a big ole cappucino (or if you're like me, a nice cold pint).

The Manna House
French Patisserie with all the trimmings! The most beautiful array of individual sized cakes...all for about £2 each. Beetroot and Chili Mouse, Spiced Pear and Vanilla, beautiful fruit tarts, lemon and polenta cake, meringues the size of your head! Wonderful artisan breads and the feeling that you're in Paris (Plus, we just happened to get our wedding cakes from here, so I kinda love it). What could be better?

Le Escargot Bleu
Chic little french bistro on Broughton Street. Lovely, warm atmosphere...they used burlap sacks to make the light fixtures. Get the escargot to start, it will blow you away! Great range of wines an a creme brulee that is to die for! Plus, downstairs there is a shop where you can buys lots of wonderful French goodies including cheese, wine and pate. It's a virtual treasure trove!

Great gastro pub with a great, village-y-gather-all-your-neighbours-and-come-down kind of pub. well priced food and generous portions. The full breakfast with a bloody mary is a superb combination. Just sayin'.

The Tailend
Spectacular fish and the fact that you can get a range of fish cooked in different ways (not just battered!). My fav is hake in batter. Lovely, light an crisp. A bit on the pricey side for fish an chips, but definitely worth the money.

The Cambridge Bar
Feel like a good ole burger and fries? This is your place. Burgers are (probably) bigger than your mouth can actually fit around per bite. Lots of delicious toppings to boot. It's small and off the beaten track so you'll most likely be able to avoid the crowds here.

Cask & Barrel
Best dang pub around! Great for watching the game (whatever it is!) and for trying out local ales.

I dream about these sausages. If you haven't tried them, you haven't lived! Plus if you're up for it, the venison haggis is amazing!

This place is all around fantastic! The owner's are super friendly and host lots of really cool themed nights. We went to a Crayfish Party in August which was so much fun. They have it every year and tickets are super reasonable. Check their website for upcoming events.

Hellers Kitchen

Mosque Kitchen
Many people will undoubtedly say the best part about curry at the Mosque was sitting outside under the tacky blue tarps shooing away the pigeons. I don't what it is about eating where you feel like you have to defend your food, but it tastes even better!! Cheap and oh so delicious. The best place in town for curry!

Locanda de Gusti
Are you yearning for Italy? Gucci? Olive oil?? Look no further! This place is the real deal. I'm loosely acquainted with the folks who run the joint....stepping inside is like going to the mother country! the food is absolutely stunning. Simple, beautiful and how Italian food should be.

The Fudge House of Edinburgh
A family run shop since 1949, the third generation of this family are still making their exquisite fudge by hand - and what a selection it is! It makes a beautiful gift, a great little something to take home (or just have yourself!). And the kicker? They make butter tablet - the old fashioned way. It is like nothing you've ever had before...except if your granny made it. You can't come to Edinburgh and not come here!

Anstruther Fish Bar
While it has won many awards for it's fish and chips, this little seaside chippy is great for other reasons too! They have a great range of fish to choose from, like mackerel and lemon sol. And it's fund to wind your way through the amusement park style line inside the actual shop. Once you get your delicious fish, sit outside on one of the benches, and enjoy the beautiful view!

Romano's Fish Bar
So, this place is a bit random, but so worth the trip! It's in Burntisland, Fife. Home of my dream home on Park Avenue! There is no glitz or glamour here, just great fish and chips and an incredible view! Get the large potion of fish and chips and share it between two people. The large comes with 2 fillets of fish and costs less when shared than if you were to get a single portion. If you're feeling extra naughty, the onion rings are some of the best I've ever had. Hand cut and battered, they are light, crispy and delicious! Once you're armed with your food, drive over to the water slide parking lot and eat your fish overlooking the firth. Uninterrupted views and the most beautiful sunsets. I promise you won't be let down!