Saturday, 24 September 2011

Disneyland!!...I mean, Estonia

Today's post won't be filled with pictures of shortbread I'm afraid...actually, no pictures at all today. Boring, I know...but I wanted to update the blog a smidge by telling you that I'm writing this from a once Roman Catholic Chapel, built in 1467 in the Old Town of Tallin, Estonia.

Aside from my love of butter...and all things buttery...I have a deep love for history. Especially the kind of history that you can touch, see, live, and be a part of. When the Handsome Hunter and I make our way back to the 'Burgh, I'll post a few pictures of this amazing place. I mean, words cannot describe! Tallin feels untouched. As if technology, huge chain stores and credit cards are centuries away.

There are moments, early in the morning or before people head out for dinner and a night of schnapps and debauchery, when the streets are calm and the light is just dusting the stone walls, and you feel like you've had a rare and unexplicable glimpse of the past.

It's like nothing I've ever experienced...and I'm not sure when I will again. So, fo now, I will just enjoy every minute.


oh! and if you have any recommendations for other places that you've been to which have this kind of feel...share! let me know! The Handsome Hunter and I are on a mission now...

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