Sunday, 18 September 2011

Paper Love

Today is a very special day. One year ago today, I married the most amazing man in the world. I think it's safe to say that my life has changed in a big way...I just wrote him a card, and I wrote something that made me think as well: it's amazing how everything we've done in the last few years has brought us both here, to the same place. I can probably go as far back as 2004, to a single decision I made to spend the summer working in Edinburgh.  This was the spark, the decision which would ignite my journey to The Handsome Hunter (By the way, I've decided that my main squeeze deserves a's only fair, I mean, especially if I'll be talking about him and making him devour dozens of shortbread for love!). So, from now on, he will be known as Handsome Hunter. God, I love that man.

Anyway, I couldn't be a happier Henni...

Today, I was planning on making sugared rose shortbread...but, I forgot to get actual roses. Rosewater? Check. Butter? Check....Roses for lovely decoration and red splashes through a beautiful white cookie?? No check. No. Check. I hate getting old. I wouldn't let you down though, I've still come through and made another batch of chocolate shortbread. I realised that I never posted the results of the Taste Test. Basically, cookies were eaten, kind words were said, but I was nae impressed. Me? Impressed? Nae. So, I've made another, hopefully more chocolate-y batch that makes me spin around and sing!

So, feel the love some chocolate and give someone a big ole smooch. Because I say so :)

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