Sunday, 11 September 2011

Why spend money on necessities, like shoes and warm clothes for the winter, when you can buy pinnies!?

Got a few things to cover this morning:

Firstly, if you've not already checked out the links that I love, please, please, PLEASE check out Comfortable Corners The beautiful pictures that you see beneath this post were taken by him and he is an epic genius of the camera. Do yourself a favour: Check it out, be intrigued, thank me later. 

Secondly (or Second? Grammar and I were never good friends!), I officially have a follower!!! Woop woop! Watch out world, here I come! Needless to say, the one lone, enthusiastic follower is none other than my mother. See, now that is real love! And as she so perfectly put it, my first follower and fan should always be my mother. Awww love her! and my partners in crime (namely my main squeeze and my co workers) have single handedly eaten 4 batches of shortbread over the last week. Personally, I felt it was my duty to the name of research. I should also probably feel it's my duty to balance shortbread eating with exercise, but well, one thing at a time. Thankfully, I have surrounded myself with people whose appetites are as ferocious as mine. So thanks you guys, for being my eating comrades. Round 2 will commence Tuesday morning at 0900 hours. Wear your stretchy pants. 

Ok, now down to business. I have recently given in to my love of beautiful things and visited my favourite store in the WHOLE. ENTIRE. WORLD. This love is almost solely because of their beautiful, heart warming, and delightfully retro aprons. So, all I can do is urge you to visit and take a look and possibly invest in one of these aprons. They not only look fabulous, but make cooking/baking/twirling around in the kitchen an absolute  pleasure. I'm wearing one now. Just because :)



  1. make that TWO followers. So proud of you, and so hungry after looking at those photos!

  2. thanks, steph!!! movin' up in the world! haha thanks for keeping holly company over in followers land :) xoxo

  3. Hi "Henni", blog looks great. Congrats on #2 to Auntiehood. She's just as PURTY as the 1st one.