Monday, 12 September 2011


It's been a touch windy here in the 'Burgh. Yeah...the bins are talking to each other. Chatty little things. Can we not tie the lids down, Council? I don't even think earplugs could drown out that noise! So, in respect of the hurricane winds sweeping through the country, I decided it was best to stay in (read: I got absolutely NO errands done. Groceries? What are those? Sustenance? Bleh, it can wait!). I did manage to take Izzy the dog out for a walk. And literally jump across the road for an all important hurricane-necessary diet coke. And butter. That's all that was in my bag. A lone diet coke and a stick of butter. For most people that just spells loneliness and a night in watching the Notebook weeping uncontrollably and trying on clothes that used to fit but don't anymore. However, for me, that spells an afternoon wearing my daffodil yellow paisley apron with turquoise buttons and making Chocolate Shortbread!!! 

I wasn't really sure of the butter/flour/coco ratio. I think I need to adjust the flour and butter to account for the fat in the coco and the extra dry ingredients added to the mix, but I wanted to see how the cookies would come out if I didn't adjust the recipe at all. To be honest, they came out ok! A bit on the softer side, which could be the result of too much fat. All in all, they came out ok. I'll definitely be experimenting with some different chocolates and amounts. But these are a few little gems I made earlier sprinkled with a lovely sheer dusting of confectioner's sugar. Like the coming winter...

Aside from the fantastic quality of my photo...ehem...I think the white against the rich chocolate brown looks so nice. It'll be nice to add such a different looking cookie to the gang I've already got going on. Hmm...we'll see how the Taste Test goes in the a.m. Happy eating!!



  1. I want the recipe!! These look amazing! I love this blog! So fantastic! I am soo excited for you! Got yourself one more follower :)

  2. Thanks, Kimmy!! You are the best! Can't wait for December!