Monday, 24 October 2011

Want to know what I'm cookin' right now?

Fact: I am a tech failure. Everything I do is basically a close-your-eyes-cross-your-fingers kinda thing! Not the most efficient method by any means, but I get by. So, after my mom kept asking me why she wasn't getting updates of my new posts I set about trying to figure that out. After countless 'help me!''s to Google (and by the way, LOTS of other people are just as clueless as me!!), I think I've managed to figure it out. It's always better to know you're in like company, isn't it?  So, I think I've added the right subscription button so that now you can get updates via email! It's just to the right...go on, take a look...I know you're dying to know exactly what I'm doing the second I do it. So sign up!!!


P.S. If this doesn't actually work...I might cry a little. Then beg someone techy to help me. Fingers crossed!

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