Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bagels for Everyone!

Who doesn't love a good bagel? 

You won't see me turning my nose up at these!! I had a burst of bagel-ing inspiration a few weeks ago when I went into my local shop and saw the sad, meagre, spindly things called bagels staring up at me from the shelf. They looked so pathetic! 'How hard can it be to make a good bagel' I thought. So I came home totally revved up. When I looked online, there weren't too many different bagel recipes floating around. They were all pretty much a derivative of the same basic recipe. So I sheeped it and went with the crowd. 

I found this great recipe over at The Galley Gourmet and within a few hours, had these lovely little things!! If you love bagels and want a fun, quick and simple recipe, give these a go! There is seriously nothing more satisfying than taking your own, freshly baked bagels out of oven and smothering them in cream cheese!! This is what I did:

After you make the dough and let it rise, you shape the little rotund beauties and let them puff up again. Then, the fun part! You let them have a float in a bagel jacuzzi, for about 60 seconds on each side. Apparently, the longer they boil away, the chewier the crust becomes. That's just a special little tip I'm giving to you...we're pretty gosh darn nice here at Pinnies and Poppy Seeds :)

They don't take very long to bake. Obviously, ovens vary, and in my oven, 20 minutes was too long. I only needed about 15 minutes. But I recommend you just keep an eye on them and when they turn that beautiful eat-me-now golden brown, take em out! (And yes, that is a wok. Don't judge.)

Now go get yourself a good glob of shmear and have yourself a fabulous breakfast!

Happy Baking! 


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