Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Easter Greetings!!

When I think of Easter I always think of bright, fun colours. Ok, I suppose 'bunny' comes to mind first, but then fun bright colours! It's the whole Spring has sprung thing...especially here in Edinburgh (save the freakish snow blizzard thing that happened today after last week's record high temps!) when the daffodils come out, the birds start singing, and the trees start blooming. I just love it. I love what it means, what it brings, and what it does to people!

So, we've been at the Stockbridge Market the last four weeks and it has been absolutely amazing! I feel so at home there and have met the most lovely people - customers and traders alike! Unfortunately, I won't be at the Stockbridge Market this weekend...weep! I'm helping out my good friend Nadia from Thinking Chocolate this weekend at Science on a Plate at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh and I'm super excited about it! If you have some free time this weekend, do come along. Lots of great chefs and Nadia will be doing some fabulous lectures on chocolate!! If you're wondering how you can get your hands on some shortbread, have no fear. I've been baking up some Easter inspired shortbread for Nadia to have in her shop on London Road.

All Butter and Lemon and Poppy Seed, perfect for Spring! I've done sweet little chicks, bunnies and butterflies and can't wait to see how Nadia chocola-fies them! (I may have to secretly buy some after she gets through with 'em!)

So make sure you stop by and stock up for this weekend. These will make the perfect Easter treat for that special someone. And if you're looking for Granola and salted caramels, they'll be there too!! See, I'm always looking out for ya.

It's back to the kitchen for me to do some test baking...make sure you check back to see what I'm cookin' up. It may just pop up at the next market! Speaking of markets, you'll want to mark in your calendars that I'm back marketing after Easter. I'll be at Stockbridge Market on Sunday April lots of opportunities to stock up on shrotbread!!

Happy Baking!


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