Monday, 30 April 2012

Hellooooooo Shorties!

Shorties are the new girl in town...haven't you heard?! She's totally awesome, and pretty, and popular, and has looooaaads of friends! Yeah, I am talking about a cookie and you'd be almost right thinking I'm a bit cuckoo. What can I say, I just love these little things!!!

Pistachio and White Chocolate Shortie: Pistachio Shortbread made using both ground and chopped pistachios with a white chocolate ganache filling...yuuuuum!

Double Chocolate and Rum Ganache Shortie: Chocolate shortbread made using dark chocolate cocoa powder and a dark chocolate rum infused ganache to sandwich the two together!! Yo ho,yo ho a pirate's life for me!!

Espresso and Dark Chocolate Shortie: Coffee infused shortbread with a dark chocolate and vanilla ganache. Perfect for breakfast...just a thought. Not saying I did, I would never...

We also did an Almond and Milk Chocolate Shortie over the weekend at the Stockbridge Market..I have no photographic evidence, but you must believe me. It was divine! An almond shortbread made using ground almonds and almond oil sandwiched with a lucious milk chocolate ganache with even more almond oil! It was so good, they all went before I could snap a pic! 

These little beauties are so much fun to make! I'm having a great time coming up with lots of fun flavours. Make sure you keep posted here, on our facbook page and on Twitter to see what flavours we're making and what we'll be bringing to market...we just might mix it up again this weekend!! 

In the meantime, Happy Baking!!


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